Fever in Children

At what fever shall a child seek medical attention?

An ill child is a parent’s anguish, and a cause to seek medical attention.  Fever is often the only feature that defines the presence of an illness. Yet fever is part of a large assortment of “natural defenses” the child’s body assembles to fight off any infectious process, such as the common cold or pneumonia. I describe fever to be a “natural antibiotic” which helps protect your child.

It is not so much how high the fever gets, but more importantly the other signs of illness the child may have developed. Consider a congested cough for pneumonia, headache and stiff neck of meningitis, cherry red tongue of Kawasaki Disease, the lethargy of bacteria in the blood. As a parent, you are your child’s renowned expert and primary protector; if there are symptoms that concern you, obtain medical attention.

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