About Me

I graduated from the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) with a Master’s in Public Health (specializing in Maternal Child Health) and went on to get a medical degree from University of California at Irvine (UCI).

Looking back it seems like a million years since I began my medical practice; but actually it was 32 years I worked in Emergency Medicine. I am now happily retired.

One thing I often tried to get across to the patients I attended to was an understanding about the medical condition that brought them in for emergency care. What surprised me was the many times a patient would listen intently to the discussion I presented and then offer that no doctor previously had taken the time to elaborate.

From patients’ reaction to instructions for the care of their medical condition, I learned it was not so much failure of physician to provide the information but rather to give an opportunity for the patient to ask whatever question was left in their mind. WhyDoc is an opportunity to give you that opportunity.

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